Coin Under Tongue: Reception

coinundertongueCoin Under Tongue: Reception
Sometimes when you allow a child to decide what’s for dinner you wind up with mush. Unable to determine if he or she wants pasta, pizza, ice cream, brownies, hamburger, etc., they want it all. So, you start mixing and decide to let them eat it. But you know your adult stomach just can’t handle that type of abuse. Food is a gift of sustenance. To mix any and all possible forms of meal is to go beyond eating steak and having salad so the steak can have something to eat as well.
And that leads me to Coin Under Tongue. Too often I find myself saying that a band didn’t do enough “stuff” on an album to really showcase itself. That is, every track on the album sounds pretty much the same. Now some people may enjoy that. But variety spices up life.
Reception is filled with spice. I have a hard time figuring out which genre to place it in. The album opens up with “Beyond Yes”. You get a bass guitar that sounds like something out of Primus. Then you pop over to “Dogma Sheen” and all I could think of was a mix of The Cure and the Pixies. Next track, “Junksmith” and I felt like I was listening to a modern day Talking Heads. The next two tracks remind me of folksy Bob Dylan. Particularly “Boatman’s Song”. Then the next two tracks remind me of Black Sabbath with their old school Hard Rock feel. And you haven’t even reached the end of the album yet.
It’s a bit distracting because I’m not sure what to call Coin Under Tongue or Reception other than good. And they don’t leave you searching for the Pepto Bismal. All in all, you’re bound to find at least one track you like. The problem is finding someone with a taste varied enough to like all of it. I still recommend giving it a whirl.
Rating: 7.0/10
MP3: Coin Under Tongue “Boatman’s Song”
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