Curren$y: Weed and Instrumentals 3

By David Vills

The trilogy can often be the mark of a series that is beginning to overstay its welcome or a traditionally natural conclusion to a series. Although the idea of a trilogy seems to be slowly fading falling by the way side to one offs or sequelitis. Curren$y a long standing rapper who has garnered himself low mid-tier levels of popularity has come out with the third edition of Weed & Instrumentals. Now unlike many trilogies the Weed & Instrumentals series is not connected narratively plus there isn’t any connection from song to song within the individual mixtapes. Not even a unified vibe ties the three mixtapes together these mixtapes have simply been arbitrarily titled together.

Weed & Instrumentals 3 contains thirteen tracks of mixed quality and vibes. In the tracks like “Grand” and “Legendary Collection,” Curren$y seems to be doing a poor impression of a Joey Bada$$ flow and feel complete with weak surface level lyrics. Meanwhile, “Flush” and “Rap Keys” sound like they belong on a cheesy early 2000’s mixtape. The two tracks simply sounds outdated and aren’t exciting or invigorating enough to capture nostalgia. “White Diamonds Black” sounds like it was slapped together by a Soundcloud rapper with two thousand followers; it feels like it was made by a skilled amateur.

Despite having to wade through mostly rubbish, Weed & Instrumentals 3 does have a few gems. “Ferrari Flatbed” has the type of instrumental an artist like Tobi Lou would hop on. While “Ferrari Flatbed” isn’t a unique trap track by any means, it has a very nice flow. “Khalifaandretti” features some nice chemistry between Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y where Khalifa shows off some his smoothest rapping and Curren$y spits some his best raps of the mixtape. Lastly, there is “Grudge Match” which goes hard using a faux oriental beat that sounds like it was produced by Brockhampton.

Being called Weed & Instrumentals 3, you would think the mixtape would contain multiple instrumentals. It turns out there is only one instrumental on the tape; they should rename Weed & Instrumental 3. Titled “One Love,” the lo-fi instrumental is pretty generic. Could easily forget it and just called it Weed 3.

Ultimately, the mixtape is an uninspired effort. It seems like little thought was put into each track. The Weed & Instrumentals series has reached a natural conclusion, anything else would cause this series to overstay its welcome. If Curren$y focuses on a project he has shown he could create magic, however, he has been spewing out mediocre mixtape after mediocre mixtape.

Rating: 5.0/10

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