Premiere: Dakat “Bloom”

Dakat was known as a jungle/future bass producer coming up. For his upcoming new EP, Bloom, he wanted to shift styles to a more pop house vibe. His new single, “Bloom” bridges the gaps between the different subgenres. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the track.

Starting off with a tribal beat, shimmering synth is add before a rainstick signals the entrance of the more traditional house beat. Ambient chanting vocals keeps the tribal feeling going while distorted synths that sound lifted from the outro of Kanye‘s “Runaway” keep things modern. At 1:34 there is the first drop, after which wild bell take the place of chopped up vocals. After the second drop at 2:28, guitar arpeggios are added to see the song out. Though a ton of sounds and instruments are combined into the relative short track, it sounds so natural and simple. Clearly Dakat knows what he’s doing.

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