Darwin Deez: Darwin Deez

Darwin Deez: Darwin Deez
New York-born singer/songwriter, Darwin Deez achieved a decent level of success in the UK before the release of his debut album. His debut single, “Constellations” reached number 15 on the UK indie charts and its follow up single, “Radar Detector” reached number 5 on the UK indie chart. But despite this success over seas, it has not translated to the same success in the states. Nine months after the release of his album in the UK, Darwin Deez’s self-titled debut album is finally released in America.
In a lot of ways it is not a surprise that Darwin Deez would find success in the UK. Darwin Deez largely reminds me of a pop version of The Strokes. The Strokes, while obviously obtaining success in the US, have had greater and more sustained success in the UK. With the UK embracing other non-conventional pop stars like Mika and David Bowie.
“Constellations” has all the characteristics that the UK loves. The hand-clapping gospel beat of the song is has the neo-soul feel of artists like Adele and Cee Lo Green. The beat is joined by Deez’s Julian Casablancas-esque vocals; it is not exactly the type of vocals I expected over the beat but it creates a unique pop moment.
But Darwin Deez is full of great unique pop moments. “DNA” is the type of educational pop that made They Might Be Giants‘s No! a hit. “Bad Day” is a cynical pop song about all the hateful things Darwin Deez wishes upon his enemy.
These type of songs keep the album interesting all the way through. I would love to think that Darwin Deez could be a huge success here in the states, but something tells me that his music is a little too eccentric for the mainstream. He may have to settle for success in UK and blogosphere stardom here in the States.
Rating: 8.3/10
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