Digitalism: I Love You, Dude

Digitalism: I Love You, Dude
When German group Digitalism released their 2007 debut album, Idealism, there was no indications that the record would be an international success but that is exact what happened. The record performed best in the United States where it reached number six on the Billboard’s Hot Dance charts. Since that time, the group has released a few EPs but I Love You, Dude is the group’s second official full length. Like most groups, there is some worry of a sophomore slump after such a successful debut.
The album starts off with a bang; “Stratosphere” is a big, arena-sized instrumental house tune that Daft Punk would be proud of. The shimmering keyboard evoke images rising through the sky into a starry night.
“Stratosphere” suits the group well but anyone familiar with the band knows that the album’s lead single is anything but instrumental house. “2 Hearts” is an electro-pop jaunt with a catchy hook. Unfortunately, the rest of the song does not live up to the hook and comes off as bland at best.
In fact, I feel that way about most of the vocal tracks on I Love You, Dude. The only vocal track that really stands out is “Forrest Gump.” The track has a strong hook and has well composed verses. This could be due to the fact that it was co-written by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes fame.
Since the album is roughly half vocal tunes and half instrumental house tracks, I Love You, Dude ends up feeling like a disappointing follow up to Idealism. While plenty of the songs on the album should play well in clubs, I think people sitting down to listen to the album will find it to be unbalanced and a bit mediocre.
Rating: 6.7/10
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