Dirty Sole featuring Nick Maurer “Owning It (The Juan MacLean Remix)”

LCD Soundsystem is probably the most popular act on DFA Records but no one embodies the label’s sound quite like The Juan MacLean. His output is incredibly consistent. Take his remix for Dirty Sole and Nick Maurer’s new single, “Owning It.” There is two minutes of slowly building shuffling house. Every four bars a new element is added, sometimes it is barely noticeable. This tactic is built to reward the most patient of listeners. Finally the vocals kick in. Not much about the music changes until the chorus hits, then bouncing synths are added to the mix. They drop out just as quickly as they entered for the second verse but on the last chorus they build and build until the song gently fades out. It is a true slow and steady pace but a great listen for fans of the old DFA Remixes compilations.

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