Premiere: Dogs at Large: Delusions of Paradise

Chicago band, Dogs at Large release their new album, Delusions of Paradise today. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to host an exclusive stream of the album.

Dogs at Large is singer/songwriter Sam Pirruccello and a revolving cast of musicians. Filled with guitar arpeggios and piano, the album is reminiscent of Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One-era The Kinks with a little bit of a country twang.

The real hallmark of the album is Pirruccello’s lyrics. He said his diagnosis with a mood disorder and a “feeling of general despair” influenced the songs on Delusions of Paradise. On standout track “All Day”, Pirruccello sings “Getting fucked up all day / shouting at a TV til the dawn” and the lyrics don’t get more hopeful from there. But a gorgeous backdrop of steel guitar and honky tonk piano give the track a hopeful feeling.

The juxtaposition between dire lyrics and cheerful instrumentation is one seen many times on the album. Pirruccello is a rare kind of talent and has surrounded himself with more than capable musicians. If Delusions of Paradise is Dogs at Large’s most fully realized vision, what a beautiful image it is.

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