Premiere: Doug DeLuca “Gimme Love”

Los Angeles artist, Doug DeLuca is preparing to release his new EP Hit Your Mark. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere his new single “Gimme Love.” With Daptone-style horns with DeLuca’s smooth voice, “Gimme Love” sounds like The 20/20 Experience-era Justin Timberlake. There are little details in the song that let you know DeLuca is more than just another neo-soul artist. First is the bluesy guitar solo in the first half of the song and the second is the lounge-y bridge into the final chorus. For the bridge, the drums drop out and its just acoustic guitar and piano hits. It sounds like the song will go out on a psychedelic folk/lounge note. But it builds back up and drums are added before the final chorus hits. It shows really smart arrangement along with the excellent pop songwriting.

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