Premiere: Elena Loper “Eva Green Time Machine (Queer Waltz)”

Seattle-based singer/songwriter, Elena Loper is preparing to release her new single, “Eva Green Time Machine (Queer Waltz)” on September 15th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the track.

A sparse mixture of acoustic guitar and vocals, it sonically recalls the tradition of troubadours. In this, the courtly love which Elena Loper sings about is a same sex tryst. She says “I am a sucker for ‘smutty’ romance novels and television. I love period pieces with any kind of ballroom dancing, hand-holding, and surreptitious glances between crushes. However, these books and movies primarily feature heterosexual relationships. Representation of multiple identities, sexualities, genders, etc. is so important in books and movies! I long to consume media that subverts the male gaze, heteronormativity, and represents a diversity of sexualities and gender identities.”

And who better to sing about having a tryst with than actress Eva Green. Leper explains “I wrote this song after waking up from a dream in which I traveled back in time. I fell in love with a woman who looked like the actress Eva Green. I convinced her to come back with me to the 21st century so we could be together.”

It is a starkly beautiful song for a fantastical love story.

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