Premiere: Emma Hill “Magnesium Dreams” (Official Music Video)

Earlier this year, Anchorage, AK duo, Emma Hill released their album, Magnesium Dreams. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the video for the titular track.

For those that don’t know, taking magnesium can make you have crazy dreams. Essentially, magnesium can put you in a deep REM sleep which is tied to memory so you remember more of your dreams and they are pretty much always crazy; you just usually forget them. The video clearly understands what a magnesium dream is. Directed by Ben Massey and Dustin Titcomb, the video show Hill making a weird smoothie before settling down and falling asleep. She dreams of a person in a bear costume chasing her through a helicopter ride, some synchronized dancing, and more. Its a fun video to accompany the catchy folk-pop song.

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