Estella Dawn “Not A Problem”

New Zealand-born, San Diego-based singer, Estella Dawn kicked off her 2023 with “Not A Problem,” a piano-laden jam that “walks the line between admitting weakness and over-indulging in the comfort of ignorance as bliss” says Dawn. In her sultriest voice, she talks about being naked singing along to “Hallelujah” and using sex and drugs to feel something different.

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  • Lee Jeffords says:

    Hello Estella. I really like you. You’re really talented. IMPO. I’m pleased to follow you & I’m now starting to (snip the deadweight) you’re leading, the female vocalist & songwriter pack. On my page. Ty. Keep doing you. Ignore the haters, they’re just jelly of you. I know. Ty. Lee J. 😎🤘👍🌟💯🤟✌

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