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A little over a year ago, I started receiving mashups from 21-year-old North Carolinian Joneses. I was struck that he did not use the same old samples but instead using esoteric clips from the likes of Crystal Castles, Led Zeppelin, and Washed Out among others. So the opportunity presented itself to have Joneses to curate a mix for Surviving the Golden Age, I jumped at the chance.

Radiohead “Everything In Its Right Place (Joneses Remix)”
Purity Ring “Obedear (Crnkn Remix)”
Tnght “Easy Easy”
Hudson Mohawke “Furnace Loop”
Unknown Shapes “Used to Give a Fuck”
MIA “Bad Girls (Surkin Remix)”
Sinden “Pull Up the Wheel (Dillon Francis Remix)”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Heads Will Roll (Kid Kamillion Remix)”
UZ x Crnkn “Booty 2 tha Ground”
Flosstradamus “Total Recall”
Tiesto “Maximal Crazy (Drankenstein remix)”
Joker & Ginz “Purple City”
Sleigh Bells “Demons (Diplo Remix)”
Rusko “Hold On”
Deadmau5/Kaskade “I Remember (Caspa remix)”
Totally Extinct Dinosaurs “Household Goods (Zeds Dead Remix)”
Sub Antix “80 weight”
Tnght “Gooo”
Kanye West “Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix)”

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Free Download: Joneses “Exclusive Surviving the Golden Age Mix”

When did you first get interested in production?
Music has always played an important role in my life but I’d say I really wanted to start producing after i heard Justice‘ album † . To me that album is near perfect; The production is so good on it and it inspired me to try it out.

What kind of equipment/programs do you use?
For djing, I use Serato. I used to have CDJ 1000s but they were brutally destroyed in a gnarly car accident. As for production, I use Ableton live. So far Ableton is the perfect daw/platform for my music making but a lot of people don’t like it because it kind of looks intimidating. Once you get used to the look you learn to really love the program. In the future I might make all my sets in Ableton but for now Serato for me is good enough.

You transitioned from releasing mostly mashups to releasing more remixes, why make that transition?
I made the transition mostly because in the mashup world you are really limited on your creativity. For example i might have a good idea for a song but that particular song has no acapella or instrumental so I cant really mess with it. For remixes you can do whatever you want with it, acapella or not. Remixes are 100% you doing whatever you feel like doing. At the end of the day though, if I come up with some great mashup I’ll release it. For now I’ll stick to remixes.

Ultimately, are you happy making remixes or would you like to be releasing original mixes?
Original mixes are the eventual goal but for now I’ll stick to remixes because I’m still learning about music production.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?
If I could collab with anyone it would easily be Kanye West. The dude is an idol to me. His productions are always so amazing from the samples to lyrics everything is just perfect. He has amazing taste and if we could collab on anything it would be bananas.

You created an exclusive mix for StGA, can you describe a little bit about the concept behind it and some of the song selections?
Well I usually play what I’m feeling at the moment and right now there’s a little trap movement going on in the electronic world which I’m really digging. It started out from me playing this hip hop show and watching the crowd and how crazy they were dancing from the music. From then on edm/trap type music has been played in my sets. Dudes from CRNKN to Flosstradamus to TNGHT are really killing it right now. I put some of my old favs like Rusko’s “Hold On” and “I Remember” because those songs make me feel all fuzzy inside.

What’s next for Joneses?
hopefully playing more live sets. They’re so much fun. Also, I’m currently working on a couple remixes that should be released soon that I’m excited about.

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