Flying Lotus “Never Catch Me (ft. Kendrick Lamar)”

Like two slightly skewed lines drawn from distant origin points, it was only a matter of time before Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus intersected. They have each completely changed their respective corners of hip hop, most notably through their unique senses of rhythm (and precise delivery thereof). “Never Catch Me” is a elastic highlight reel of what these two artists do best. Kendrick comes out the gate with a trippy, fast-tongued intro that perfectly complements Flying Lotus’s jazzy snare/hi-hat combo with a blast beat energy. The verse breaks into a Battles-esque guitar noodle and a spastic expression of sound that finds closure in a gentler vocal line reminiscent of TV on the Radio. I wish this wasn’t just a single, but maybe if we’re lucky these two will give us the Run the Jewels treatment.

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