French Horn Rebellion featuring Spencer Ludwig “Play Your Part”

The French horn and the bassoon aren’t instruments necessarily associated with funk-inspired dance music, but French Horn Rebellion is a band consisting of two brothers determined to change that. On this particular track they also dare to bring in trumpet player Spencer Ludwig, but he fails to spice up the song in a way that feels unique or interesting. “Play Your Part” is certainly worthy of getting stuck-in-your-head airtime on the radio, but that doesn’t mean it leaves a lasting impression. It’s a valiant effort on behalf of Robert and David Perlick-Molinari to clue their audience in to what brass instruments are capable of, but the execution could have been a lot tighter. There’s no real central element holding the song together, so the chorus repeats itself as often as it can get away with, wasting the time of those who continue to listen and boring those who’ve already tuned out. Ultimately “Play Your Part” isn’t emphatic enough to live up to the indie-dance genre – if French Horn Rebellion believed they could make more powerful music, they would.

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