Premiere: Gabby Gordon “Underground” (official video)

It is hard to tell whether Gabby Gordon‘s “Underground” influences my view on its music video or if vice versa, but there is something wonderfully 80s about the whole affair. From the heavily reverbed guitar arpeggios to the Escape from New York setting for the video, the throwback feel is in full effect. Gabby is in a red leather jacket with plenty of zippers. The bassist is sporting what can only be described as Flock of Seagulls hair. And is that Little Finger from Game of Thrones on guitar?!?! The video is definitely worth a watch or two.


  • Mark Bocain says:

    Great video and song by a very talented lady! Looking forward to more of her music in the future :-)

  • Lle Maurice Mrno says:

    beautiful,I love her voice and really nice video.

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