Glass Animals: Gooey EP

by Caitlin Baldridge

Emerging out of Oxford, the foursome that makes up Glass Animals have produced an eclectic, offbeat mantra of music with their new EP Gooey. Some fun facts that induce reasoning to their out-of-the-norm music; they write their music in a cabin in the woods lined with blankets and pillows (the ultimate chill zone) and their frontman was so nervous recording he hid under a blanket while laying down vocals. I commend the band for creating a completely unique piece of music, infusing elements of varying genres to build their sound.

The trio of tracks that make up Gooey sound similar in tempo and robotic synths and they have a chorus that carries through a couple songs, but despite the repetitiveness it’s intelligent and alluring. It begins with title track “Gooey” which is filled of dreamy arpeggios and R&B infused vocals. The group possesses the remarkable ability to take pop and twist it into a trippy, groovy quirk-pop putting them among the likes of Made in Heights and IYES. We slide into the next track “Holiest” featuring Tei-Shi. The track contains edgy vocals and strange instrumentation, and it’s nowhere near as catchy or easygoing as the previous, hit track. “Gooey Rework” follows, featuring Chester Watson whom the band regards as one of their favorite rappers. The song is the same as “Gooey” essentially, except for a rapped verse by Watson to start it off. It’s not mesmerizing like the vocals are, and doesn’t add very much to the song.

Overall, the EP isn’t necessary. “Gooey” should’ve been a single without the rework or “Holiest”. While “Gooey” did get the most recognition of the tracks and it is clearly the favorite amongst the public, the fact that it’s accompanied by two less-than-mediocre tracks on the EP does not do it any favors.

Rating: 4.4/10

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