Glass Rock: Tall Firs Meet Soft Location


Glass Rock: Tall Firs Meet Soft Location
Take a few members from Tall Firs and mingle them together with members of Soft Location and you get an act known as Glass Rock. It took the group only six days to piece together their first album Tall Firs Meet Soft Location. The album came out in the fall of 2009 through Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace! label.
The band sounds a little like the local garage band from my high school days. It very much seems like the songs were put together quickly, in a sort of jam band fashion. This is evident on songs such as “Ghost of a Dream” where the instruments don’t sound appropriately tuned to singer Kathy Leisen’s voice.
You can consider the album to be packed with hushed psychadelic rock tracks that border on blues with some of the guitar parts. The opening track “Glass Rock” introduces you to the slow paced action. The whole album makes me think of Jefferson Airplane if they never picked up the tempo.
Its not often I thought I would find myself disagreeing with the likes of Thurston Moore, but when it comes to Glass Rock “Tall Firs Meet Soft Location”, I find myself wondering what he heard that was so brilliant. You can tell these are no amateurs, but six days seems to short to put an album together. I doubt Blink 182 ever did that, and they used to have a new album out what seemed like every few months. Perhaps a second album that is well thought out could really show what the band has.
Rating: 3.6/10
MP3: Glass Rock “Golddigger”
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