Gloria Cycles: Campsite Discotheque

gloriacyclescampsitediscothequeGloria Cycles: Campsite Discotheque 
Brighton, U.K.’s Gloria Cycles released their debut album back in April. Campsite Discotheque is a great introduction to Gloria Cycles. The band has that pop rock sound we’ve come to know from British rock bands. But they have their own take on it.
Most of the time I think of Hot Hot Heat when listening to the album. Perhaps not lyrically, but definitely with the energy and style of guitar play. Tracks like “Chancer” and “Chewed Up” have that high impact pop guitar that the Heat have come to be known for. “Chancer” was even featured in a Samsung commercial that you might be familiar with. Check out their Myspace page for the Samsung spot as well as some of their videos.
They mix it up on the rest of the album, however. “Religious” was picked to be featured in the British Rom-Com flick “My Last Five Girlfriends”. The track starts off with some slow guitar strumming letting you know that it’s a love song. When the tempo kicks up it reminds me a bit of Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Love”, if you took the rave-type partying aspect out of the song and made it about a girl.
They also take advantage of having a female in the band that can sing. She has a warm voice and could quite well be the lead singer. On the tracks “Bag” and “Diplomatic Dining Tables” she resembles British singer Adele.
Overall, Campsite Discotheque has loads of energy and is a great listen. They offer many different looks at what they can do. And even when they tone the energy down, its only so you can catch your breath. Not so you fall asleep. The band sure seem to be busy lately. Hopefully they can turn their success overseas into success here Stateside. I see no reason why not. They’re no one trick ponies.
Rating: 7.3/10
MP3: Gloria Cycles “Chancer”
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