Grasscut: Unearth

Grasscut, Unearth, ninja tuneGrasscut: Unearth
Unearth, the sophomore album by British electronic duo Grasscut, is difficult to define. According to the website of their label, Ninja Tune, Unearth is “a spectral, double-exposed collection of songs inspired by fragments of the past that endure into the present.” To put it simply, the record is an experience unto itself. The duo has honed their craft since opening the main stage the Big Chill music festival in 2009. Unearth is a mixed bag of grooves, dream like riffing, and electronic creativity. No two tracks on the album are alike in a significant way, and because of this, the collection of songs shows the band’s ability to produce a variety of sounds. Versatility is the name of the game, and Grasscut has seemingly mastered it.

The album’s first track “Cut Grass” opens the album with ominous tones and vocals which serve as a great pair to the background they are set against. Despite the tracks heavy bass, it sometimes appears as indicative of the chillwave genre. “Blink in the Night” is a track with a big booming bass sound which somehow manages to remain dream like and possess a strong summer vibe, making it quite perfect for the season. The best track that the album has to offer is also its most peaceful and mellow. “Reservoir” is a little piece of tranquility tucked away among strong riffs and powerful bass which proves to listeners that sometimes the best sound can be found where its least expected. “A Mysterious Disappearance” is unique in that it’s a mystery wrapped up in an infectious song with strong grooves and a great synth solo. “Lights” is a flowing song with a great sound. While the track builds slowly, it proves to be well worth the wait. The album’s closing track “Richardson Road” is relaxing song which disguises its themes of sadness and longing quite well, serving as an appropriate close to the album.

Overall, Grasscut have successfully proven that they are capable of creating a great number of different sounds. This album truly proves that they are an act to follow closely, as they will likely be around for a long time if they continue to churn out strong albums. Listen to Unearth it will be well worth your while.
Rating: 8.7/10
MP3: Grasscut “Reservoir”
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