Premiere: Hemhora and the Glass Band “BMX”

Hemhora and the Glass Band is a new project from Chris Otepka and Steven Mitchell of The Heligoats and Hungry Mountain fame. The band’s debut EP, Helix Pattern Blues will be released on December 7th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the lead single, “BMX.”

Building layers of percussive guitar noodling over a syncopated drum line, “BMX” recalls Owls or Summer in Abaddon-era Pinback. Vocally, Otepka’s drawn out syllables has an almost lulling effect over the busy music but just when it seems like things are getting repetitive the band throws in a gang-vocal chant of “B-M-X.” It shows a careful eye for arrangement more than just great songwriting and solid musicianship.

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