Historian: Spiral Again

Los Angeles indie-folk singer, Historian, has just blessed us with a sultry collection of classic tracks. Historian’s sixth album, titled Spiral Again places the listener in a zen-like trance while zoning out to the acoustic guitar and his dream-like vocals. A groovy hippie sound, which could have undoubtedly been praised at a 60’s Woodstock show, as well as last year at Coachella. Spiral Again displays a timeless sound that calms and and tells a story of a millennials bouts with spiraling again and again. Completely rich in sound, Historian transmits a vibe on a visceral level. The theme carried throughout Spiral Again is an in-depth understanding of music new and old. The lyrics, instruments, and arrangements are notably chosen in order to create history, hence the artist’s name: Historian.

“Spiral Again,” the first track featured on the album boast an acoustic guitar and lyrics such as “I am stolen out of another time.” Who can relate to the feeling of being placed here from a past life, or believing to be a specimen from our prominent future? There is contradiction and duality throughout Spiral Again. There is a historic sound but also a sound of infancy and new beginnings with the potential to musically age with grace. The sound is so classic, you sometimes forget this is a current album until you hear lyrics that hold an important tone in today’s social emotional climate. “Yesterday,” the third track, entices us to spark a joint and zen out to a lyrical melody reminding us how the human brain can get caught in looping our actions of yesterday. In our awakening, we must realize that nothing is the same from yesterday and we must move forward in peace knowing we get a “redo” everyday. “Could Be,” streams instrumentals, similar to a healing sound bath session.

There is no absence of musical soul throughout Spiral Again. It is a colored by use of guitar, harmonica, synth pads, and lyrics. Historian generates a tender vibe that delivers. Take the crew up to Joshua Tree, light the fire, light the joints, form a circle, blast Spiral Again, and thank me later.

Rating: 7.2/10

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