Icarus Phoenix “80’s Night Dance Party Singing ‘Send Me an Angel'”

Missoula, Montana’s Icarus Phoenix are preparing a follow up to last year’s self-titled debut album. The album currently untitled will be released September 10th. The first single from the album is “80’s Night Dance Party Singing ‘Send Me an Angel.'” The band explains “I was picking up my son from elementary school when a fellow parent invited me to her birthday party. It was an ‘80s Night Dance Party birthday…Upon arrival, everyone was standing around in their ‘80s costumes drinking beer but not dancing. So I did what I came to do. I danced. With reckless abandon.” Unlike the 1989 Real Life hit “Send Me an Angel,” “80’s Night Dance Party Singing ‘Send Me an Angel'” features no fretless bass or even any operatic backing female vocals. The song instead mixes elements of indie rock, folk, and shoegaze. It is slow and emotive while still being catchy.

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