Interview: JEFF the Brotherhood

jeff the brotherhood, interviewSeven albums into their career, JEFF the Brotherhood finally broke into the Billboard charts with last year’s Hypnotic Nights. Still on their never ending touring grind, the band found time to answer a few questions–many in one sentence or less!
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Although generally a duo, you’re currently on tour for the first time as a four piece. How has that changed your live set?
We can jam a lot more and play lotsa songs that didn’t translate live as a duo. Its really fun!

Also, generally you play a three stringed guitar but you are playing a six string on this tour. Why the change?
Now that there can be someone else to hold down the low tones I have a use for the high strings

Speaking of which, how did the concept of playing a three stringed guitar come about and how does that effect your sound?
Its just how I learned and it works. Because there’s none of the high strings to muck up the sound, less is more!

You run your own label, Infinity Cat Recordings. Is it difficult balancing tourinrecording, and being label execs?

Yeah but its getting easier now that Warner Bros is on board. We are able to take the summer to focus on writing.

What do you look for in bands to sign to Infinity Cat?
Usually just superpower.

Finally, after this tour, what’s next for JEFF the Brotherhood?
Writing in the summer, recording in the fall, and then back to more touring!

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