Interview: Semi Precious Weapons

semi precious weapons, interview, aviation highSemi Precious Weapons recently released the first new single from their upcoming album, “Aviation High.” The single showed the band moving in a new direction. I was lucky enough to ask lead singer, Justin Tranter a few questions about the new single, the new album, and crazy touring experiences.
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You have a new album due this year. Where are you currently in the process?
The majority of the writing and recording the new album is done. Hallelujah! Now its just about choosing which songs make it on and putting the finishing touches on those.

What have the recording sessions for the new album been like?
We’ve been writing almost everyday for the last year and a half in our awesome little bootleg home studio. So we’ve recorded the bulk of the material here, and then if we feel the song is really special we take it over to one of Tricky Stewart’s studios/producers and keep working on her until she feels album worthy.

You new single, “Aviation High” seems to go in a different direction from your previous albums. What propelled you in this direction?
First, I’m living for your use of “propelled” in this question. I hope the pun was on purpose, because I’m stealing it, and going to use it as much as possible. Ha! Second, we really wanted to move forward with our sound, but we just let each song dictate what that sound would be while we were writing it.

Should fans be expecting more songs like “Aviation High” on the album or more of the fare that was on You Love You?
Our fans are so fucking great to us, and I guess they should be expecting all sorts of new things. There are for sure some old school rockNroll guitar riffs and filthy lyrics like on You Love You, but also dreamy anthems and hard beats. A lot has happened in our lives since You Love You, and you can for sure hear it in the new music.

Finally, you have been known as relentless tourers. What is the craziest story you can tell me from being on tour?
One time in a punk bar in Vegas, a girl jumped on “stage”, which was actually just an area on the floor, and then she began to rip off all of my jewelry in a drunken craze. The only thing I could think of to do to get her to stop was to just make out with her. It worked.

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