Premiere: Jaco “Fabergé”

Birmingham-based multi-instrumentalist, Jake Waitzman (aka Jaco) is preparing to release his new album, Dose via Cornelius Chapel Records. The album is the second in a working trilogy. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the new single, “Fabergé.”

Jaco has a lot of advise to give: “don’t set your clock back again/don’t let your body slack.” At least he disperses it over twinkling guitar arpeggios and noisy drums. It is reminiscent of artists like R.E.M. or Big Star–a beautiful, catchy mixture of jangle and power pop.

A pretty song deserves a pretty video; shot in Birmingham’s dingiest dive bar, The Nick, you get to see the sticker covered bar, socially distanced afternoon drinking, a little karaoke, and the inside of the men’s room!

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