Jae Haze, Gzus Piece & Weasel Sims “Do Em Wrong”

Chicago rapper, Jae Haze teams up with Gzus Piece for the new album, Gzus Haze. The latest single from the album is “Do Em Wrong.” The boom-bap beat laced with movie dialog is reminiscent of something MF Doom would rap over. It is refreshing to hear the rappers not try to go the MF Doom route in attacking the beat. Instead each rapper, including fellow Chicagoan, Weasel Sims, has their own unique style. The first verse is probably the most straight forward while the second takes a more herky-jerky approach. The final verse, although the shortest, might be the most complex with its in rhyming and pattern switching. The variations in flow and tempo of each verse make for a fun and engaging listen.

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