Premiere: Jess Grant “Last One Out” (official music video)

Pacific Northwest singer/songwriter, Jess Grant released his latest album, Landline back in June. The latest single from the album is “Last One Out.” Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the music video for the song.

The track is about the rising political tensions in America and the want to escape it all. The video illustrates this point, as Grant puts it “one man leaves everything behind to make a run for it, determined to get into Canada no matter what the cost.” Interspersing live footage recorded in Bellingham, WA at the Wild Buffalo House of Music with scenes of protests in Portland, the video ratchets up the tension. For his part, Grant portrays the main character fleeing the US and does a nice job with the acting, grabbing a photo of his partner before he leaves home for good and driving towards the border looking nervous. There are a couple twists along the way so watch all the way to the end.

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