Premiere: Jinco featuring Jake Herring “Haven’t Said”

Santa Cruz-based producer, Jinco is preparing to play OMFG! NYE Festival in San Diego with Zedd and Tiesto. Surviving the Golden is excited to premiere his new single “Haven’t Said.” The mid-tempo track separates itself from standard EDM fare by taking inspiration from different subgenres. The opening of the song features synth-guitar over finger-snapped beat. After Jake Herring sings the melancholic first verse, drums build to a big drop. The after chorus effects of chopped vocals are accompanied by some 80s synths that could be from the Drive soundtrack. A similar pattern repeats for the second verse and chorus but then the song is played out by a jazzy piano solo over breakbeats. “Haven’t Said” really does not sound like anything else going on in EDM today.

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