John Davis “Masoch”

john-davis-masochMost people think of Folk Implosion as a Lou Barlow vehicle due to his major role on their sole 90s hit, “Natural One.” The band was actually a collaboration between Barlow and John Davis. While Folk Implosion has been dead for almost a decade now and Barlow’s ventures are well documented, John Davis seemed to be the man left behind. Soon Davis will emerge from that dormancy with his first collection of solo material in 15 years. Spare Parts is due out October 29th on Shrimper Records The album’s lead single is “Masoch.” The track starts out as a barebones ballad, just Davis and an acoustic guitar. It takes almost a minute and a half for other instruments to be heard but when they are, lovely strings are added but still no drums or additional guitars. While the track does have a certain beauty, its not exactly a barn-burning single.
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