Premiere: Jordan Galland “What I Got Coming” (Official Music Video)

Jordan Galland is perhaps best known as the writer/director of such movies as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead and Ava’s Possessions but he is also a long time musician. In addition to contributing to his films’ soundtracks, he has released several solo albums including his upcoming New Rebels. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the latest video from the album, “What I Got Coming.”

Because Galland is talented in both visual and aural arts, “What I Got Coming” is an amazing snapshot of where he was in his life at a particular time and place. Galland explains “I think a lotta people feel like a reckoning is coming, whether personal or national or global. There’s a checkered past that is, one way or another, going to have ramifications. This song puts that feeling to music, gives it a little narrative.”

With its stripped down arrangement of just synth, vocals, and drums, the song reflects the darkness many Americans feel loom over the country currently. The video is not as explicitly dark but there is a general uneasy feeling about it. “I had been making these collages, the same time as I had been writing the songs on the record, over the course of three years or so, and wanted to see if my subconscious had been at work, perhaps, creating a correlation between the lyrics and the visual stuff I’d been doing.” Galland explains. “In some sense, this video is completely random, so I then edited it to find meaning and patterns, but there truly was a lot of structure that seems to have been there beforehand, regardless— ‘the memory of your face’ moment, for instance, and the ‘step over bodies’ clips.”

“What I Got Coming” stands as a testament to what happens when you give someone who is talented in both visual and aural arts, the reins over a project. The song and video both end up being weird and beautiful and entrancing all at once.

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