Jukebox the Ghost, Little Daylight & Secret Someones @ Heirloom Arts Theatre 02.27.15

Without their drummer, Brooklyn’s Secret Someones started the night with an acoustic set. Lelia Broussard, normally on bass guitar duties, stood at the center of the stage with a tambourine, flanked by Hannah Winkler and Bess Rogers on guitars. Throughout their half hour set, they combined solid harmonies as Broussard and Winkler traded lead vocal duties. Broussard attacked her songs, kicking her legs. Multiple times, they thanked the audience for their support and encouraged them to sing along.

Just before Little Daylight took the stage, the house lights dimmed to a pale green. Lead singer Nikki Taylor leaned towards the front of the stage and the excited crowd extended their hands to her. During their 40 minute set the band zipped through much of their debut album, Hello Memory and even through in their recently released cover of David Bowie‘s “Let’s Dance.”

Due to wiring issues there was a very long wait before headliners Jukebox the Ghost were ready to play–about the same amount of time as Little Daylight’s set. The fans didn’t seem to mind at all. As the band was setting up, they said hello to the fans at the front of the stage, calling several of them by name. Jukebox the Ghost have an undeniable connection to their fans and really play to that on stage. Guitarist Tommy Siegel and keyboardist Ben Thornewill bantered back and forth with the crowd throughout the set, remarking how ambitious they were to try and clap along to “Victoria” from the group’s debut album Let Live and Let Ghosts. But the band fed off the crowd’s energy from complying with requests to really hamming it up for the audience. While that all played well for the up tempo songs, a few of the quieter moments during the night suffered. “Post Card” dragged as Siegel and Thornewill traded lead vocals and the vocal looping during “Undeniable You” bordered on insufferable. But you did not hear much of the way in complaints from the crowd, who seemed like putty in the hands of the power pop trio.

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