Premiere: Jybrd “Drive All Night”

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, Jybrd (pronounced /’hai . brid/) is preparing to release his self-titled album on September 15th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the lead single “Drive All Night.”

“Drive All Night” falls into the great tradition of folk songs about the open road. Jybrd said “I wrote ‘Drive All Night’ while driving down a dark stretch of highway on the Pennsylvania/West Virgina border, headed home to my girlfriend who would later become my wife.”

The simple acoustic accompaniment allows the lyrics to shine. Jybrd said “I wanted to twist my words in to the different meanings, and still say them in a way that was honest, like how when reading e.e.Cummings the meaning forces itself through despite the syntax.”

Like a highway itself, the lyrics wind through many different places including a man beat half to death in the back of a van and a passing tornado. Where ever “Drive All Night” leads, it tends to be a catchy, literate place where outlaw country meets folk rock.

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