Karma Kid “Man Of The Year”

Lately, it seems that Karma Kid just hasn’t been as prolific as he once with – which just makes every new release that much more satisfying. While UK House music hasn’t really made that much of a splash across the pond we call the Atlantic, but if Karma Kid and company keep pumping out quality music like this it’ll soon be inevitable. There’s something to be said about Karma Kid’s minimalistic touch that leaves little to be desired. “Man Of The Year” starts out slowly simmering from room temperature to boiling point in a matter of seconds while that “ba-ba” sample is probably the most infectious thing you’ll hear all week. Best of all? This track is so free-flowing that it’s hard to pinpoint exact “times” that things are meant to happen. The breakdown at 1:40 is impeccable and the rest of the song continues down the same vein it started – with an infectious dance-happy atmosphere to it.

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