Premiere: Kellan. “AWOL” (Official Music Video)

Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere “AWOL,” the new music video from Kellan. The Seattle-based multi-instrumentalist/rapper recorded the video over a 12 hour period in an alley. Kellan said “I wanted to do something ambitious (and potentially disastrous), that basically showed ‘hey I produced this entire album, here’s proof with me performing the literal parts’.”

It starts with Kellan playing the piano then that image is projected onto a white wall while he begins to play the drums in front of the projection. The video of him playing the drums and piano then both become projections and more are added until it fills out all the instruments and vocals. It is an interesting concept to see the different elements that go into one track and Kellan throws in some of his own personality and quirk into the video as well.

It is a complex video for an equally complex song. Kellan explains “The song itself is a triptych–three different verses about three different relationships and the bittersweet taste of a breakup.” Of course, a catchy chorus ties it all together with a bow.

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