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kimbra, vowsKimbra: Vows
Kimbra’s career is certainly off to an amazing start. The 22-year-old songstress from New Zealand gained the attention of listeners when she was featured on Gotye’s hit single “Somebody that I Used to Know.” Her debut album, Vows, shows that she was deserving of all that attention. In a word, Kimbra’s style is soulful. The album is packed with intense grooves, soul-baring vocal performances, and infectious beats over well-written lyrics.
The album’s first track, which became the lead single, “Settle Down” exhibits Kimbra’s vocal range and serves as a captivating opener. From the very beginning, listeners become aware of just what they are in for. The album never falters, alternating between relaxing, emotional performances and upbeat pop songs complete with killer dance beats. “Two Way Street” can only be described as old school soul meeting the new generation, with extremely melodic backing that leaves the listener wanting more. Perhaps the record’s most emotional track is the ballad “Old Flame” which magnificently shows a sense of longing bolstered by powerful vocals. The album’s best track is certainly “Sally I Can See You,” which is a flowing piece with a potent chorus that is guaranteed to leave an impression.
Overall, Kimbra’s debut effort is one which should rightfully earn her a great deal of praise, and prove that she belongs in the conversation among the prominent soul singers of the new generation. The album comes with great recommendation to anyone who enjoys songs from the heart which enchant the listener.
Rating: 8.3/10
MP3: Kimbra “Sally I Can See You”
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