La Fine Equipe & Fakear “5th Season”

French label, Nowadays Records is perhaps the best purveyor of turntablism going today. In addition to working with my personal favorite La Fine Equipe, they also put out records from Douchka, Leska, Jumo and others. The label is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a new compilation called Nowadays V. La Fine Equipe and Fakear‘s song “5th Season” appears on the album. The track shares the title with La Fine Equipe’s latest album which was released in April. Combining elements of French house and future bass, the track deftly goes from effervescent synth masterpiece to music that your neighbors are playing that you can hear through your wall. It features the kind of production, chopping of vocals, and composition that make La Fine Equipe one of the best in the game.

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