Lanu: Her 12 Faces

Lanu: Her 12 Faces
New Zealand-born, Australia-based guitarist/producer, Lanu first came to prominence with his 2007 debut album, This Is My Home. The album’s ability to combine futuristic jazz, neo soul, and IDM garnered largely positive reviews. He hopes his sophomore album, Her 12 Faces, continues to grow his career.
As an album, Her 12 Faces feels a little more mainstream centered than This Is My Home. The album’s first single is “Beautiful Trash” which features Australian singer/songwriter Washington. The track has a certain Mark Ronson neo-soul feel. Although she is not quite Amy Winehouse, Washington gives an airy pop vocal performance that works very well on the track.
Other tracks like “Her 12 Faces” have a much more downtempo feel to them. The track reminds me of something that might be on a Dimitri From Paris. That might be because of the French female vocals but also just the overall future jazz vibe of the song.
The album bounces between airy pop and future jazz which does not make the album feel cohesive. But as far as a collection of songs goes, Her 12 Faces really shows off what Lanu can do. The album is perfect to just put on and chill to.
Rating: 8.8/10
MP3: Lanu featuring Washington “Beautiful Trash”
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