Lara Snow “Butter Knife”

Israeli singer, Lara Snow is preparing to release her debut EP later this year. The album’s second single is “Butter Knife.” With a handclapped beat and an arena-sized chorus, the track is an epic pop song with humble beginnings. “Butter Knife was written on a cold winter night in Berlin” Snow shares, “Coming from a warm climate country, the weather made me blue and I kinda stayed home for a while, just writing. I was feeling sad and started blaming it on the weather. At some point I realized that happiness can only come from your state of mind, so I wrote ‘Don’t blame it on the weather, blame it on your dark heart’, at first, this wasn’t supposed to be part of ‘Butter Knife’, it was just another piece of melody and lyrics I had, but it felt like a perfect match so I recorded it and the song was whole.”

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