Premiere: Lasso Spells: Bohemian Mechanics

Nashville band, Lasso Spells release their new album Bohemian Mechanics today. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to offer an exclusive stream of the album.

Owing much of its influence to the California upbring of frontman Brett Dudash, Bohemian Mechanics mixes the mysticism of the Doors with the garage rock of the Standells. Opening track, “Be What You Want,” features fuzzed out bass and “do-do” backing vocals while “Grow” features quick piano hits and snaky guitars. “Island” creates ghostly pathos through reverbed pedal steel guitar while “High Tide” has a surfy vibe which seems atypical for a band from landlocked Tennessee.

Although the styles on Bohemian Mechanics may vary from song to song, the cohesiveness of the album comes from the common thread of Californian music. If you’re in a state that is cold today, settle in and listen to the warm vibes of the West coast.

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