LCD Soundsystem: The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye does not require a long review. The album touted as the definitive live record LCD Soundsystems farewell show at Madison Square Garden. For all intensive purposes, it is just that. At just over three hours, it is massive and it is great.

Instead of reviewing the record, here are some instructions.

Step 1 Buy the record. Do not look at the liner notes, the back of the record, or anything except the cover. Those lucky enough to experience Madison Square Garden that night had absolutely no idea what the setlist was going to be, so why should you?

Step 2 Put the record on. Now is where choices have to be made. Ask yourself: Do I want to dance alone in my apartment/car/street/wherever or do you want to experience this comfortably seated? Which ever you choose, I suggest you keep your eyes closed the entire time. What the record does perfectly is transport you to the biggest dance party ever with James Murphy at the helm. Let the record unfold for you just as it did for those at Madison Square Garden and worry about figuring out who was playing what and what special guests graced the stage later. Do this and I believe you will be more than pleased with your experience.

Rating: 9.1/10
MP3: LCD Soundsystem “All of My Friends”
Buy: iTunes

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