LeeSun “Mother Dear” (Official Music Video)

It’s not often you hear of someone moving from Hawaii to the city of Leeds in the United Kingdom, but that’s exactly what self proclaimed truth teller and modern day minstrel LeeSun did. You’d think that moving from the oft thought of paradise of Hawaii to the gloomier climate of Leeds would be a damper on one’s soul. That’s not the case with the song “Mother Dear”. Though lyrically the song deals with a depressed, if not at least overly critical, mother it tries to stay positive. LeeSun sings “All I need is
to know no matter what we all matter. That includes you and that includes” before going to the next verse. Yes, the me is missing but it’s implied. The song also starts by reminding us that the things we say and do are soaked up like sponges by children. Words do actually become seeds that become rooted deeply like trees. And so, it’s no wonder that the video finds LeeSun in the forest. Here she eventually ties her words written on paper to the trees branches. Its a very good visual to demonstrate that once these words, negative or positive, get off the ground, it can be difficult for us to see anything else when we metaphorically look up. You can download the song for free here, or name your price if you feel like supporting LeeSun.

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