Lloyd Landesman “CBS College Football Theme”

Living in Athens, GA, I am all too aware that this weekend is the SEC Championship game between Georgia and LSU. What you might not know is that theme song you hear every week you watch college football on CBS is written by Lloyd Landesman. In honor of this year’s SEC Championship, Landesman is releasing an extended version of his “CBS College Football Theme.” Landesman said “I wanted to expand on the theme outside of broadcast time constraints (60 sec). The long form with newly composed music makes the theme sound fresh, and getting a world class drummer, Simon Phillips (The Who, Toto, Protocol) would give a more human element to the groove. Also on the track is my long time bassist, Paul Briscoe.” The expanded theme song is a front runner for Landesman’s upcoming album, The Eleventh Hour which will be released in early 2020.

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