The Lost Angeles “Coulda Been Something (Kids Want Techno Remix)”

Starting this one with the the remixer. Kids Want Techno, and by the way yes we do, is a duo based in Washington D.C. “Coulda Been Something” by The Lost Angeles is a track I had never heard which I sometimes like when I hear a remix for the first time. After checking out Kids Want Techno a bit more I noticed this track has a much colder vibe then their other music. The track itself is very ambient and while the vibe is cold the sounds seem warm and well rounded in how they are all mixed. The vocals are nothing short of pure heat and what really makes this one stand out for me, which I know I’ve said before, is how real this track is. Hearing this I imagine a band on stage playing which is so key for electronic music. Definitely keeping Kids Want Techno on my radar.

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