Premiere: Maarten Bayliss: People Are Patterns

Canadian producer, Maarten Bayliss spent the last four years crafting his debut LP, People Are Patterns. Dubbing the album as “electro-psych-rock,” the album tests the limits of Bayliss’ experimental production style. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to give you an exclusive first listen of the record.

Taking his cue from artists like Bruce Haack and Dan Deacon, Maarten Bayliss produces music on vintage sounding synths and drum machines. Tracks like “Controlled” are nearly anxiety-inducing with its driving drum-and-bass beat and layered vocals. Others show the softer side of Bayliss like the ballad “Projections” or the spa-worthy “Water Song.”

No matter what sound or mood Bayliss is experimenting with, his music always is captivating–pushing the limits of his equipment and genre.

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