Mantraband “Everywhere Is Beauty”

Seattle’s Mantraband are preparing to release their self-titled album on April 29th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album’s second single, “Everywhere Is Beauty.”

While Seattle may not be known as a hotbed for disco, but Mantraband brings that danceable 70s sound with “Everywhere Is Beauty.” The live disco sound is reminiscent of bands like Chic or more modernly ESCORT. The band is so in their groove that they don’t bother to spoil it with too many words. About half the song is instrumental and the other half just features the band singing “everywhere is beauty” or other short phrases.

Lead singer, synth player, and trumpeteer Sari Breznau describes the song as “a reminder that when you go through life looking for beauty, you find it nearly everywhere. It’s like when you start looking for yellow Vanagons, you suddenly see them all over the place, where you never noticed any before. We discover what our eyes are looking for. Might as well fill your world with beauty and love.”

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