Premiere: Mike Liegel: Stick Around EP

New Jersey singer/songwriter, Mike Liegel will release his debut EP, Stick Around on May 12th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album.

The album “outlines the good times and struggles within a relationship” according to Liegel. The titular track sees him ask his lover “what can I do to make you wanna stay and settle down?” The earnest question is sung over a warm, guitar-centric pop tune, similar to early Maroon 5 or Jason Mraz. It’s jaunty while being heartfelt.

Liegel is mainly a piano player so his more piano based tracks stand out as his best. Second track, “Forevermore” might be the album highlight. Dripping with soulful vocals, it really seems like Liegel’s comfort zone as he tells his lover that he’ll “be missing you or kissing you forevermore.” Similarly, the ballad “Be There” is a beautiful showcase of his piano playing skills.

Being his debut EP, Stick Around shows an artist who is destined for bigger and better things. It is a good time to start following Mike Liegel before he blows up.

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