Mineral “Aurora”

Originating in Austin in 1994, Mineral are celebrating their 25th anniversary next year with One Day When We Are Young: Mineral at 25, a book with never before seen photos, collectible 10” record with 2 new songs (the first new music in 20 years!), in depth band history, and contributions from members of members of Jimmy Eat World, Get Up Kids, and more. The first single from the collection is “Aurora.” With a classic dichotomy of soft verse and loud chorus, the band sounds youthful as ever but Chris Simpson’s lyrics have clearly matured. It is no longer “why am I so blind at 22” but more of a universal message like “Dump fires in the west now—the city’s aflame/And November’s dreams line the yard sales of May.” The lyrics almost have a “Fortunate Son” ring to them.

It may only be two songs but we can be hopefully it marks the return of the seminal emo band.

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