Premiere: Molly Maguires “Radiation Smile” (Official Music Video)

Rhode Island’s Molly Maguires are preparing to release their new LP, You Were Right All Along on August 16th. The latest single from the album is “Radiation Smile.” Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the track’s music video.

Filmed and produced by Ryan Harackiewicz, the video is an homage to the band’s first ever music video “That’s My Story.” The band’s JJ Sorensen said “it’s just a montage of action shots. It’s a tried and true format but it’s simple and effective. There are some fun candid shots that really capture the personality of some of the band members, I think those moments are my favorite parts of the video.”

You can see co-vocalist, Meghan Earle dancing on stage over the upbeat, guitar-driven song. Despite the finished product, the song was written by the band’s drummer, Sean Scro on bass originally. JJ Sorensen helped round out the songwriting, he said “Even though I am only the secondary songwriter on this, I think I worked harder on this song than any of mine. Sean gave me the lyrics and a demo he made with a riff of the melody. I took that demo and extracted the chord progression that was behind it, and it became a complete obsession for me fine tuning the melody and finishing the rest of the music of the song. I think this song is our best single track we have released to date and it’s something I am very proud of.”

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