Morten featuring Frida Sundemo “Beautiful Heartbeat” (RAC Mix)”

RAC‘s remix of MORTEN‘s “Beautiful Heartbeat” is a lush, atmospheric take on the world of dance music. Frida Sundemo‘s vocals are light but not hollow, her voice stretching beyond the realm of possibility and into something ethereal and otherworldly. The reverberating synth patterns keep things interesting while the more trance-like elements of the song allow the listeners to fully immerse themselves in what RAC is trying to accomplish. The result is a beautiful example of Morten’s, Frida Sundemo’s, and André Allen Anjos’ collective talents. The song is understated yet massively powerful, especially when played more than once. It manages to fill the entire room and have its mood linger well after it’s over. Doubtlessly, that kind of permanence is something only RAC could create.

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