Music in Marketing: The Record Company “Feels So Good”

There is little surprise when an LA band’s song appears in a film trailer and that is exactly what happened with The Record Company‘s track “Feels So Good.” The uptempo blues/rock track appears in the trailer for CBS Film’s Las Vegas. The track appears between :29 – :59 on the nearly two and a half minute trailer. Beside the general upbeat feel of the song in a comedy trailer, there are other less obvious reasons why the song was chosen. The film which centers around Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Douglas going to Vegas for a bachelor party is essentially about the aged having fun. “Feels So Good” has that classic blues feel giving it the appearance of being old but with a fun uptempo streak. In that way the music mimics the film.

For The Record Company, this could mean big things. Up until this point, the band has self-released all their material. Surely licensing their song will net them more money than their previous album releases but also it will draw interest from record labels. Don’t be surprised to hear about The Record Company on a major label shortly.
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